UN Emergency Relief Coordinator

News in Brief 18 July 2017 (PM)

International community urged to avert repeat of CAR crisis

The international community is being urged by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator to “sustain support” for the Central African Republic or CAR.

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Syrian people’s plight is worse than ever, say UN aid chiefs

More than US$ 8 billion worth of aid is needed to help millions of desperately vulnerable Syrians in 2017, UN agency chiefs said on Tuesday.

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News in Brief 12 January 2017(PM)

“Clear need for continued action” over crisis in Lake Chad Basin

There is a “clear need for continued action” to try and end the humanitarian crisis in Africa’s Lake Chad Basin where around 10.7 million people are in need of emergency aid, up from nine million six months ago.

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Refugee response challenged by “sheer enormity” of problem

The global response to the refugee crisis is being challenged by the “sheer enormity” of the problem, according to a senior UN humanitarian official.

Some 65 million people around the world were displaced at the end of 2015.

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Humanitarian summit represents “massive opportunity” to deliver

Helping displaced people to “survive and thrive” is one key objective of the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator said on Wednesday.

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