UN conference on biodiversity

Biodiversity commitment builds hope for 'living in harmony with nature'

More than 100 countries on Wednesday committed to develop, adopt and implement an effective post-2020 global framework, that aims to put biodiversity on a path to recovery, by 2030 at the latest.  

UN chief calls for bold action to end 'suicidal war with nature'

With more than a million species at risk of extinction, countries must work now to achieve a sustainable future for people and the planet, Secretary-General António Guterres told leaders attending the UN Biodiversity Conference, which opened on Monday from Kunming, China.

All our lives “absolutely dependent” on biodiversity: UNEP chief

Human existence is “absolutely dependent” on healthy biodiversity, from the food we eat, to the viability of the global economy.

That’s the passionate view of Erik Solheim, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, UNEP.

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