UN Charter

‘Summon the spirit of San Francisco’, says General Assembly President on UN Charter anniversary

Reaffirming faith in human rights, promoting social justice and saving the world from the “scourge of war”: just some of the founding principles of the United Nations, which appear in the Organization’s bedrock Charter, signed exactly 74 years ago in San Francisco.

International Court of Justice, key to ‘high degree’ of stability, peace and prosperity over 70 years

A chief reason for the high level of “peace, stability and prosperity” enjoyed by many countries across the world is the ongoing work of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  That’s the view of Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, of Somalia, President of the ICJ.  Judge Yusuf briefed the Security Council on Wednesday on the work of the Court over the past year, he spoke with Mustafa Al Gamal of our UN News Arabic service.

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Women and the UN Charter

Only four women were among the 850 international delegates who signed the UN Charter, the foundational document of the global organization, in June 1945.

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UN pays tribute to the Organization’s founding mothers

Women have played a pivotal role in the United Nations since its inception in 1945, including in the first international agreement proclaiming gender equality as a fundamental human right: the UN Charter.

As relevant as ever, UN Charter is ‘our living template’ for tackling global challenges – Guterres

The Principles outlined in the United Nations Charter remain the foundations of international relations and global harmony at a time when conflicts have come more complex, new threats and challenges have emerged and impacts of instability are felt far beyond their source, Secretary-General António Guterres said on Wednesday.

Public asked to solve UN Charter mystery

People across the world are being asked to help solve a mystery which has been troubling UN officials.

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Swedish singers celebrate 70th anniversary of UN Charter

A group of Swedish singers is helping the UN to mark the 70th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter, in the US City of San Francisco.

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On UN Charter Day, Ban calls for 'deeper cooperation' amid growing global challenges

On June 26th, 1945, the United Nations was born from the ashes and rubble of the Second World War as delegates from fifty nations came together to sign the UN Charter – the Organization's founding document and the bedrock of global peace and development.

With launch of oral history collection, UN sheds light into its past

A collection of more than 200 interviews covering major events in the history of the United Nations was launched today at the world body’s Headquarters in New York, and will be accessible to the public through a website.

Seventy years on, principles that led to UN Charter more important than ever – Ban

As the world faces a ‘pivotal moment’ of new economic and environmental challenges, the principles and origins that led to the United Nations remain more important than ever to help countries build the future they want, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.