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© Johannes Fromholt

Some Ukraine towns practically erased, one year into invasion

Nearly one year since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the scale of destruction in the south and east has been massive - so much so, that one senior UN humanitarian worker has told UN News some towns “don’t even exist anymore”. To help the vulnerable communities struggling to survive, the UN migration agency, IOM, has been stepping up aid and support. That includes towns like Znamyanka in central Ukraine, as IOM’s Johannes Fromholt has been telling Daniel Johnson.
A UN-run bus takes Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to Romania.
Victor Lacken/

Moldova: The long and winding road to safety

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some 700,000 fleeing people have passed through neighbouring Moldova, putting a huge strain on the country’s resources. The UN’s migration agency (IOM) is helping the most vulnerable, and the authorities, to navigate this unprecedented situation.