New tuberculosis (TB) therapy offers potential shorter treatment

A new combination treatment, co-sponsored by the United Nations Health Organization, could dramatically shorten the length of tuberculosis treatment from six months to four.

UN agency declares TB an emergency in Africa; urges ‘extraordinary’ action

The United Nations regional health agency for Africa today declared tuberculosis (TB) an emergency and called on Member States to commit more resources to fight an epidemic that has more than quadrupled the annual number of new cases since 1990, continues to rise and kills more than half a million people every year.

Africa shows alarming rise in tuberculosis, UN reports on World TB Day

With 5,000 people dying from tuberculosis every day and Africa posing the “glaring exception” to a global trend of falling or stabilized rates, the United Nations today observed World TB Day with an optimistic report on the battle against the disease in the world’s other regions and calls for even greater efforts.