On patrol with the group protecting turtles in Trinidad and Tobago

Conserving marine resources takes centre stage this week at the first-ever Ocean Conference being held at UN Headquarters in New York.

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Teen girl sailors urge greater ocean protection

Two accomplished teenage sailors from the Caribbean are calling for stronger laws against dumping litter in the ocean.

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UN Gender Focus: UN mourns "great champion for women, girls" and Ocean Conference

Late UN official advocate for women, girls’ sexual reproductive rights

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UN Ocean Conference “a dream come true” for Caribbean nations

A global conference on protecting oceans and marine resources is “a dream come true” for the Caribbean, according to the man who keeps the region informed about UN priorities.

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Caribbean taking action to protect ocean: sustainable tourism expert

The ocean is the “main player” in Caribbean tourism and this “fragile resource” must be protected.

That’s the opinion of the Director of Sustainable Tourism for the 33-member Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Julio Orozco.

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Turtle advocate from Trinidad spurs sea change in her community

A woman who was once called crazy for protecting sea turtles from poachers has helped to make her community a model for marine conservation in the Caribbean.

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Forest project in Trinidad & Tobago also protects marine life: FAO

Civil society groups, government agencies and local people in Trinidad and Tobago are coming together to improve management of forests and other protected areas, including those linked to the sea.

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UNDP small grants fund marine projects in Trinidad & Tobago

Small funding investments in conservation groups in Trinidad and Tobago have made a big difference in protecting coastal areas and marine life in the country.

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Ocean Conference: Trinidad village protects leatherback turtles

An environmental group based in Trinidad and Tobago that has received UN support has become a model for marine conservation in the Caribbean.

Since 1990, Nature Seekers has helped turn the tide on the slaughter of leatherback turtles, the biggest turtles on Earth.

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Women to train, run, win and lead in Trinidad & Tobago

Women in Trinidad & Tobago are being encouraged to “run, win and lead” in local government politics.

The overall portion of women winning seats as councillors edged up from 29 to 31 per cent after the previous election in 2010.

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