30 countries expected to carry out treaty actions at annual UN event

Thirty countries are expected to sign and ratify international treaties at an upcoming annual United Nations event designed to spur participation in these pacts, the UN Legal Counsel said today.

Migration to serve as focus of UN’s annual treaty-signing event

The annual campaign for the signature and ratification of international treaties that takes place during the opening of the General Assembly session each fall will focus this year on human migration, according to the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, which today made available a book about the 30 accords being highlighted at the event.

Terrorism, organized crime and human rights among the focus of 2005 treaty event at UN

Treaties on terrorism, organized crime, human rights, penal matters, the environment, law of the sea, and the law of treaties itself will be highlighted this year at the annual United Nations event that encourages Member States to sign and ratify multilateral treaties, a UN legal official said today.

Annual treaty drive at UN brings 93 actions from 32 countries

The fifth annual drive by the United Nations to encourage Member States to sign or ratify some of the hundreds of global conventions and treaties has ended, with 32 countries participating this year and 93 actions taken.

Annual UN push for treaty signatures to focus on protection of civilians

The United Nations will make treaties that defend and uphold the rights of civilians this year's focus of its annual drive to encourage as many Member States as possible to ratify some of the more than 500 global pacts.

National leaders sign, ratify UN treaties on organized crime, terrorism and torture

World leaders and government ministers are signing or undertaking legally binding treaty actions this week on agreements dealing with transnational organized crime, terrorism, the safety of United Nations personnel, tobacco control and torture as part of an event held on the fringes of the high-level debate in the United Nations General Assembly.

Conference calls on holdout states to ratify UN-backed Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Noting with concern that the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), negotiated under United Nations auspices, had not yet entered into force seven years after its opening for signature, the latest update conference today called on 12 hold-out countries whose ratification is key to its operability to ratify it forthwith.

Over 100 States review international treaty on Nuclear Weapons control, UN says

The United Nations today said more than 100 States participated in a meeting to review and strengthen the international Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which concluded today in Geneva.

Countries extend treaty on conventional weapons to cover internal wars

Concluding a ten-day negotiating session at the United Nations Office in Geneva, States parties to a treaty prohibiting certain conventional arms have agreed to extend the ban to cover internal as well as international conflicts.

UN treaty signing event garners actions on terrorism, human rights accords

Nearly 80 countries undertook action on more than 40 international treaties dealing with topics ranging from terrorism and nuclear testing to children’s rights and fishing during a weeklong event held at United Nations Headquarters in New York.