UN treaty signing event garners actions on terrorism, human rights accords

Nearly 80 countries undertook action on more than 40 international treaties dealing with topics ranging from terrorism and nuclear testing to children’s rights and fishing during a weeklong event held at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Two accords set to enter into force as a result of treaty signing event at UN

Action by New Zealand and Malta at a United Nations-sponsored treaty-signing event has enabled two conventions – one dealing with children’s rights and another with fishing – to enter into force.

10 more countries sign, ratify global accords on 2nd day of UN treaty event

The leaders and foreign ministers of 10 countries today signed or undertook legally binding treaty actions as part of an event held on the fringes of the high-level debate in the United Nations General Assembly.

National leaders attending General Assembly sign, ratify UN treaties

Many of the Heads of State and Government attending the United Nations General Assembly session have taken the occasion to sign UN treaties, a move that was welcomed today by the Organization's Secretary-General.