‘One size fits none’ approach to young terrorists ‘could really backfire’: new UN University report

How does a child end up working for a terrorist organization that’s responsible for killing his own father?

That’s one of the questions addressed by a new report from the UN University (UNU) that’s drawn on two years of fieldwork.

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Returning foreign terrorist fighters pose ‘enormous challenge with no easy solution,’ Security Council told

With violent extremists having suffered defeats in Syria and Iraq, the international community must step up cooperation to address the complex problem of foreign terrorist fighters returning home or travelling to other regions, the head of the United Nations Office against Terrorism, Vladimir Voronkov, told the Security Council on Tuesday.

Adopting new resolution, UN Security Council moves to thwart terrorists' access to weapons

The United Nations Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons, particularly small arms and light weapons, the “destabilizing accumulation and misuse” of which the 15-member body said “continue to pose threats to international peace and security and cause significant loss of life.”

UN chief strongly condemns terrorist attacks in London

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned last night's terrorist attacks in London and expressed solidarity with the people and Government of the United Kingdom in the combat against terrorism and violent extremism.

UN Gender Focus: survivors of atrocities in Iraq, sexual violence and Olympic Games

“Heart-wrenching” testimony from survivors of atrocities in Iraq

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Trauma of terrorist crimes against Yazidis laid bare in new report

A report setting out for the first time the systematic crimes of genocide against the Yazidi minority in Iraq, by the terrorist group ISIL, has been presented to the UN Human Rights Council.

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Israel-Palestine deadlock requires "compromise on both sides"

A path out of the current “political deadlock” between Israel and Palestine, requires “compromise, mutual respect and leadership on both sides.”

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Terrorist groups are “spreading like a cancer”

Terrorist groups are “spreading like a cancer” that will require a new, preventative, global approach if they’re to be beaten, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned.

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Terrorist attacks undermine peace process in Mali

Violent extremist and terrorist groups operating in the volatile North and Central regions of Mali are determined to undermine the peace process, members of the UN Security Council heard on Tuesday.

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Faith groups fighting terrorist ideology need more empowerment

Faith groups fighting terrorist ideology that misuses religion need more empowerment from bodies such as the UN.

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