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News in Brief 5 October 2022

  • Torture and hate speech in DR Congo: OHCHR
  • Somalia: grave humanitarian crisis affects more than seven million
  • Ukraine: 50,000 computers provided to teachers in Google/UNESCO project
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UN promotes women’s entrepreneurship in Afghanistan

Across Afghanistan, women’s employment opportunities are limited. In remote areas of the country, women rarely work outside the home because of cultural constraints and the ongoing conflict.

Those Afghan women who do work in rural areas typically find work in the public sector as teachers and healthcare professionals.

Thanks in part to international support and government programmes, women in the western region of Afghanistan are coming together to focus on starting and running successful businesses.


Teachers are “on the frontlines” of preventing radicalization

Teachers are “on the frontlines” of preventing young people from turning to radicalism, according to Lydia Ruprecht, a gender and policy specialist with the UN cultural organization, UNESCO.

UNESCO recently launched the Teacher’s Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism.

The guide provides practical tips to educators on discussing the subject in their classrooms.

Ms Ruprecht has been speaking to Janie Cangelosi.

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Students and teachers in Gaza counting on UN chief

Students and teachers in Gaza say they are counting on the UN Secretary-General to help keep their schools open and solve the current funding crisis.

The UN agency that works with Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, recently announced it would delay opening its schools in the region for the first time if it fails to raise more than US$100 million.

On Monday, UN chief Ban Ki-moon spoke via WebEx with a teacher and students whose education is threatened by the lack of funds.

Stephanie Coutrix reports.