News in Brief 30 October 2017 (AM)

Tuberculosis remains world’s “top infectious killer”: WHO

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News in Brief 19 April 2017 (AM)

Resolve Gaza energy crisis, UN Middle East official urges

A senior UN official is calling for resolution of the electricity crisis in Gaza, where the sole power plant has run out of fuel.

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News in Brief 22 March 2017 (PM)

UN “gravely concerned” at serious rights violations across Libya

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Countries must Unite to End TB, says WHO

Tens of millions of people have been saved from the deadly tuberculosis disease since 2000 but the “battle is only half-won”, UN health experts said ahead of World TB Day.

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Calling time on TB with the help of mobile phones

A new approach to combating tuberculosis, or TB, has been announced by UN health experts, who say the mobile phone and the internet are potential key tools in the fight against the killer disease.

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UN unveils speedier tests in poorer nations for drug-resistant tuberculosis

The inhabitants of developing nations will find out whether they have been infected with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in two days, not the standard two to three months, thanks to two new United Nations-backed initiatives.

Former UN Peace Messenger Anna Cataldi joins campaign to curb TB

Italian author and journalist Anna Cataldi, a former United Nations Messenger of Peace, was today appointed as an Ambassador of the Stop TB Partnership to raise awareness worldwide about the unfair burden of tuberculosis on refugees, migrants, people living in poverty and other disadvantaged groups.

Pioneers in TB control in Africa, India win new UN-backed health prize

A tireless advocate for people infected with both tuberculosis and HIV in Zambia and the manager of the national TB control programme in India today won a prestigious new United Nations-backed health prize for their efforts to transform control of the debilitating but curable disease that kills some 5,000 people every day.

UN health agency calls for industry investment in new diagnostic tools to curb TB

With most of the estimated 9 million people who develop active tuberculosis every year still not receiving laboratory-confirmed diagnoses, the United Nations health agency today called for industry investment in new diagnostic tools targeted to low and middle income countries, where most cases occur.

UN health agency issues updated guidelines to prevent in-flight transmission of TB

Seeking to prevent the possible airborne transmission of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases from passenger to passenger on board aircraft, the United Nations health agency today issued updated guidelines to further minimize the risk, stipulating the postponement of long-distance travel by people with infectious TB.