UN food distribution brings New Year cheer to Tajik widow

The United Nations distributed enough food to feed 250,000 people for two months in impoverished Tajikistan last month, but it is the smile in the eyes of a 42-year-old widow on a cold winter’s day in the mountains that puts a face on the statistics ahead of the important New Year’s Day celebration.

Another $6 million needed to help Tajikistan’s flood victims, UN says

As temperatures plummet below zero degrees Celsius in southern Tajikistan, the United Nations humanitarian wing today called for $6 million to help victims whose homes were destroyed during spring flooding and mudflows earlier this year.

UN-backed vaccination scheme in Tajikistan achieves almost universal success

Nearly every Tajik child between the ages of one and 14 received vaccinations against measles and rubella during a two-week, United Nations-backed campaign this month to fight the spread of the diseases in the mountainous Central Asian country.

Tajikistan: UN backs campaign to vaccinate against measles and rubella

Two United Nations agencies are backing a two-week nationwide campaign by health authorities in Tajikistan to immunize an estimated 2.5 million children in the mountainous, landlocked Central Asian country against measles and rubella.

Severe food insecurity threatens nearly 400,000 people in Tajikistan – UN

Some 390,000 people in Tajikistan, about 9 per cent of the rural population, face severe food insecurity due to both chronic vulnerability and the impact of this spring’s floods, the United Nations reported today.

Continued flooding leaves thousands of Tajiks in need of urgent aid, UN reports

Aid agencies in Tajikistan are appealing for $1.3 million to help some 12,000 people in urgent need of assistance after floods inundated more than half the Central Asian nation’s districts, the United Nations reported today.