UN monitors water quality in Tajikistan after floods erode supply

As concerns receded in Tajikistan over contamination of the country's water supply - which was polluted during floods last month - the Government has stopped trucking clean drinking water into the capital, prompting the UN to monitor the supply.

UN rushes relief funds to flood-hit Tajikistan

The United Nations is rushing relief funds to Tajikistan, where massive floods and landslides have polluted the water supply in the capital, Dushanbe, leaving an estimated 40,000 people without clean water and susceptible to disease.

Annan seeks to continue UN peacebuilding efforts in Tajikistan another year

The United Nations presence in Tajikistan is continuing to make an important contribution to that country’s post-conflict transition as it encourages the continuation of national dialogue and reconciliation and helps to bolster democratic institutions, the Secretary-General says as he seeks to extend the work of the UN Tajikistan Office of Peace-building (UNTOP) for another year, until 1 June 2005.