Research centres, international agencies join to save Earth’s biodiversity

Research centres and international agencies today joined forces to boost technical and policy skills for saving biodiversity in developing countries under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

96 governments at UN conference recognize essential role of agrarian reform

Seeking to lift hundreds of millions of people out of grinding poverty, representatives of 96 member countries of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today ended a four-day conference on agrarian reform by acknowledging its essential role in promoting sustainable development of the planet.

UN agency unveils blueprint for sustainable agricultural development

World experts have for the first time agreed on a blueprint for sustainable agricultural development to reduce hunger and poverty and improve environmental protection in developing countries by fostering rural infrastructure and integrating small farmers into the modern supply chain, a United Nations agency said today.

UN launches new guide on sustainable consumption and production

The public must be alerted when lifestyles harm the environment, but what if there is little or no public money to mount a campaign to promote changes? And what is a Government to do when the public wants both high spending and low taxes? The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is offering some answers.

UN forum ends with agreement on measures to provide clean water, basic sanitation and housing

The key United Nations forum considering ways to integrate the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic growth, social development and environmental protection – wrapped up its 2005 session with agreement on set of practical policy options intended to boost global efforts to provide clean water, basic sanitation and decent housing.

Fréchette urges ministers to press harder for gains in water, sanitation and housing

Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette today urged a high-level United Nations meeting on development to push harder for poor countries struggling to meet internationally agreed target dates for clean water, basic sanitation and decent housing.

Water, sanitation, housing goals worth the investment, Annan says

Urging development ministers not to back away from the projected high costs of providing clean water, basic sanitation and proper housing for the poor, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said that by any measure, investments in those areas were sound and came with high social returns.

UN forum opens session with eye on policies for clean water, sanitation and adequate housing

More than 75 government ministers are poised to decide on a course of action to boost worldwide efforts to provide clean water, basic sanitation and improve the lives of slum dwellers as the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development opened its first-ever policy session today in New York.

Time is running out to achieve sustainable development, UN warns

Warning that time is running out in the race for sustainable development – vital in the war on growing poverty, hunger, disease and ecological degradation – the United Nations environmental agency is hosting regional meetings and producing a set of indicators to bring about concrete improvements at the ground level.

New UN book lauds women’s key role in quest for sustainable development

Women are the world’s great unsung conservationists, often outpacing men in their knowledge and nurturing of domestic and wild plants and animals, and it is thanks to them that many species survive while men sometimes turn to idling, gambling and drinking, according to a new United Nations book released today.