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UN News/Lulu Gao

Caribbean taking action to protect ocean: sustainable tourism expert

The ocean is the “main player” in Caribbean tourism and this “fragile resource” must be protected.

That’s the opinion of the Director of Sustainable Tourism for the 33-member Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Julio Orozco.

Mr Orozco is based in Trinidad and Tobago which is among the world’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which depend on the sea for economic survival.

UN News/Lulu Gao

Turtle advocate from Trinidad spurs sea change in her community

A woman who was once called crazy for protecting sea turtles from poachers has helped to make her community a model for marine conservation in the Caribbean.

Suzan Lakhan Baptiste is Managing Director of Nature Seekers, a non-profit conservation group in the fishing village of Matura in Trinidad and Tobago, where female leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs between April and August.

Ms Lakhan Baptiste encountered ridicule and resistance when she first began standing up for the turtles nearly 30 years ago.