sustainable development

Rio 2012 a chance for agreement on ‘green economy’ to fight poverty – UN official

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, next year will be an opportunity for humanity to strengthen its commitment to making the transition to a “green economy” to help lift people out of poverty, a senior UN official said today.

Transition to ‘green economy’ must aim at poverty eradication – UN official

A senior United Nations official today cautioned that the failure to tackle poverty can only lead to rising social tensions, ecological pressures and economic crisis, stressing the importance of a transition to a “green economy” that fosters sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Ban urges global ‘revolution’ based on sustainable development and equality

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a “revolution” in how the world defines prosperity and relates to nature, based on the twin pillars of a sustainable development that breaks with the profligacy of the past and an equality that embraces empowerment for all.

Warning of ‘global suicide,’ Ban calls for revolution to ensure sustainable development

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for “revolutionary action” to achieve sustainable development, warning that the past century’s heedless consumption of resources is “a global suicide pact” with time running out to ensure an economic model for survival.

Ban calls for harnessing power of business, finance to advance development goals

As the world continues to grapple with the global economic downturn, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the vital role of the business and finance communities in tackling issues such as sustainable development and climate change.

Preparations begin for 20-year review of landmark UN environment conference

As preparations kicked off today in New York for a global summit to review progress since the historic United Nations environment conference held in Rio de Janeiro nearly 20 years ago, a senior official stressed the need for greater efforts to achieve sustainable development.

World lags far behind on sustainable development goals, Ban warns

The United Nations commission entrusted with harmonizing economic development with environmental conservation wrapped up its annual session today with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warning that the world is way behind schedule in setting its ecological house in order.

Sustainable resource use tops debate at key UN development body

Vital issues of transport, waste management, chemicals and mining are topping the agenda today of the annual gathering of the United Nations body promoting sustainable development.

World must tackle over-consumption of energy, resources, UN panel chair warns

The world is consuming too much energy and materials to sustain itself and the global community must summon the political will to tackle a whole raft of challenges, from mineral extraction to waste recycling to the more than 200 toxic chemicals entering the blood of foetuses, the head of a United Nations commission warned today.

UN session on sustainable development begins

The latest session of the United Nations commission on sustainable use of the world’s resources got under way in New York today with delegates focusing attention on how best to maintain economic development while limiting the current consumption trends that cause environmental degradation.