sustainable development

Time to help people “live their dreams”, says IPU president

It is time to help people live their dreams by ensuring that commitments made by governments are kept, according to the president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

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Climate change solution critical for sustainable development

Tackling climate change is critical to achieving a sustainable future for all people and the planet, according to a senior adviser to the UN Secretary-General.

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Youth involvement needed to achieve SDGs

The new global development agenda cannot become a reality if the generation it impacts is excluded from the process.

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UN body stresses vital role of geospatial data to achieving sustainable development goals

Geographic information about people and the planet is critical to making better decisions and using resources more wisely, and will be vital to achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals that countries have recently agreed on, according to a United Nations expert on the issue.

World must invest in new sustainable development agenda, UN official stresses

It is vital that countries make the necessary investments to carry out the new sustainable development agenda that will be formally adopted next month, says a senior United Nations official, warning that the world can ill afford the costs of not doing so.

No “band-aid” for world’s problems

New development goals agreed by the international community seek to get to the root of the world’s problems rather than just, in the words of a senior UN official, put a band-aid on them.

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Countries sign off on new global development agenda

A global agreement has been reached at the United Nations which plots the way forward for sustainable development across the world.

All 193 countries that make up the UN have signed off on an agenda which it’s hoped will end poverty by 2030.

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