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Afghanistan: UN condemns latest school bombings as ‘repulsive acts of terrorism’

Amidst mounting concern over what appears to be a pattern of attacks targeting civilians and schools, a series of bombs on Tuesday morning in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province left more than 21 dead and some 60 others injured, drawing  condemnation from the United Nations Assistance Mission in the country (UNAMA).

Chad’s reluctant women suicide bombers

Young women are increasingly being groomed as reluctant suicide bombers in the impoverished Lake Chad region of central Africa. In this special The Lid Is On podcast from UN News, Daniel Dickinson travelled to Chad to listen to the experience of one teenage girl who survived after being sent by Boko Haram to blow herself up at a busy weekly market.

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Boko Haram child bombers mask extent of Lake Chad crisis

A surge in the number of child suicide bombers in the Lake Chad region may signify a change in tactics by guerrilla insurgents Boko Haram, the UN said on Wednesday.

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“Sons of the caliphate” deployed to defend Mosul

Fresh fears of terrible crimes by ISIL militants surfaced on Friday in which children, so-called “sons of the caliphate”, have been deployed as suicide bombers to defend Mosul against Iraqi forces.

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