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Climate emergency ‘a danger to peace’, UN Security Council hears

The climate emergency generated by global warming, is exacerbating existing risks to international peace and security, while also creating new ones, a senior UN official told the Security Council on Friday, making the case for swift climate action on multiple fronts.

Malaria: Focus on pregnant women and children, stresses UN health agency report

While more pregnant women and children are being protected against malaria than before, more fast-tracking and greater funding are needed to reinvigorate the global response, according to a new United Nations report launched on Wednesday. 

African urbanization creates opportunity for rural farmers: FAO

Rapid urbanization in Africa is creating opportunities to strengthen rural economies, as demand for food rises in cities and towns.

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Holistic measures needed for income equality in Africa

There is no “silver bullet” to resolving the stark income disparities in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Action plan gives “renewed hope” to people with albinism in Africa

The endorsement of an action plan on albinism in Africa has given “renewed hope” to people born with the condition, a UN human rights expert has said

Ikponwosa Ero was speaking ahead of International Albinism Awareness Day, observed this Tuesday, 13 March.

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UN and Africa Special: Sub-Saharan Africa

In this week’s special programme during the holiday season: the International Monetary Fund or IMF, looks at what a drought, earthquake or pandemic can do to economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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UN and Africa: focus on Somalia, peacekeeping and tech sector in Africa

“Huge positive developments in Somalia” as elections continue

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Non-state groups responsible for 60,000 deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the past decade, armed groups have been responsible for 60,000 deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, according to the head of UN peacekeeping operations.

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UN and Africa: focus on VIP protection in Liberia, sub-Saharan Africa and illegal ivory trade

VIP protection passed from UN to Liberian government

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Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa slows “markedly”

Economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa has slowed “markedly” over the past year according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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