Around 12 million children may never see a classroom, UN data reveals

New data published by the United Nations cultural agency on Friday, reveals that without taking urgent measures, around 12 million young children will never set foot inside a school, with girls facing “the greatest barriers”.

News in Brief 20 April 2017 (AM)

States struggling to keep pace with growing demand for higher education

Governments are struggling to keep pace with the growing demand for higher education, a new report by the UN Cultural Agency, UNESCO, has found.

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Concern over quality of education in Palestine refugee schools

Concern over the quality of education in Palestine refugee schools operated by the United Nations in the Middle East may lead to a reduction in class sizes.

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Malala will make world leaders listen to the voice of youth

Activist and Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai, remains an inspiration, but in her home country of Pakistan a small minority continue to resent her.

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Youth encouraged to support UN on International Day of Peace

Celebrities, activists and students are at UN Headquarters on Monday to reaffirm their commitment to creating a better world.

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Students in China asking: “How should we really treat each other?”

Peer education and social media strategies to prevent violence against women and girls are being adopted in China by the UN agency that deals with gender issues, UN Women.

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Students and teachers in Gaza counting on UN chief

Students and teachers in Gaza say they are counting on the UN Secretary-General to help keep their schools open and solve the current funding crisis.

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Ban appeals to students to help UN deliver what the world needs

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today appealed to young people to help the United Nations deliver a greener, more prosperous and safer world for all amid a “new generation of threats” unlike any that have been seen before.