Tuesday’s Daily Brief: Eye health, UN’s financial crisis, progress in Mali and South Sudan, human rights in Australia

Tuesday’s top stories: Global need for eye care is set to increase ‘dramatically’; work and reforms of the UN ‘at risk’; progress on Mali security; South Sudan peace accord anniversary; Rights chief Bachelet urges rollback on Australia migration policies; and an interview with Maha Mamo, living proof of why statelessness needs to end worldwide.

UN refugee agency applauds United Kingdom’s efforts to end statelessness

The United Nations refugee agency today welcomed a new determination procedure in the United Kingdom to end legal limbo for stateless people and legalize their presence there.

UN refugee agency urges greater support for treaties protecting stateless

International support is growing for the global treaties offering protection to the estimated 12 million people worldwide who are stateless, but there is still no critical mass to make a major difference, the United Nations refugee agency has warned.

UN agency hails Panama’s decision to join treaties to protect stateless people

The United Nations refugee agency today hailed Panama’s recent decision to accede to two major international treaties on statelessness, a problem which affects up to 12 million people worldwide.

UN welcomes United Arab Emirates' plan to tackle plight of stateless people

The United Nations refugee agency has welcomed a decision by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to resolve the situation of thousands of stateless people living there, and voiced the hope that the Persian Gulf nation’s efforts will encourage other countries in the region to do the same.