Millions in southern African face 'severe hunger', UN food agency warns

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today that funding for its operations in southern Africa are at less than half of what is needed and unless donations pick up some 6.5 million people will face "severe hunger."

Calling crisis ‘incredibly serious,’ UN seeks urgent food aid for southern Africa

Declaring the situation “incredibly serious," the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today warned that millions of people in southern Africa will face massive food shortages as early as next month due to major funding shortfalls, particularly in Zimbabwe and Mozambique where food needs are greatest.

UN launches $530 million appeal to save 6.5 million people in southern Africa

The United Nations today launched an appeal for more than half a billion dollars for southern Africa to provide life-saving assistance for 6.5 million people severely weakened by consecutive failed harvests, extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Southern Africa still requires substantial food aid – UN reports

In what they called a “stark finding,” two United Nations agencies reported today that Southern Africa still requires substantial food aid despite producing more than during last year's severe food crisis.

UN appeals for millions of dollars in non-food items for southern Africa

Placing special emphasis on the urgent need for tens of millions of dollars in non-food items, the United Nations today launched in Johannesburg its mid-term review of the 2002-2003 Consolidated Appeal (CAP) for the humanitarian crisis in southern Africa.

UN welcomes South Africa’s $20 million donation for relief operations in region

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed South Africa’s $20 million donation for the agency’s emergency food operation for southern Africa.

UN envoy warns of bleak forecast in southern Africa as AIDS crisis converges with food shortages

The United Nations top humanitarian envoy for southern Africa has warned that while international aid has helped to prevent a tragedy in Lesotho over the last six months, food shortages continue to affect a population already weakened by HIV/AIDS.

UN agencies call for ‘decisive action’ to mitigate deepening crisis in southern Africa

Stressing that it takes more than good will to save lives, the heads of the major United Nations and other global humanitarian agencies today called on the international community to respond decisively to the human tragedy unfolding in Southern Africa as a result of a combination of severe drought, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and growing poverty.