South Sudan

Africa Year in Review 2015

Spread of Ebola in West Africa remains a concern for UN

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Peacekeepers on quest to reach highest peak in Africa

Three peacekeepers from the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) are on a quest to reach the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

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South Sudan: more UN peacekeepers to be sent in to protect civilians amid ceasefire violations

The Security Council today increased the United Nations peacekeeping force level in strife-torn South Sudan by over 1,000 to a ceiling of 15,000 troops and police, and extended its mandate for another six months, citing protection of civilians “by all necessary means” as its top priority.

Two-year conflict has led to ‘unrelenting crisis’ for South Sudan’s children, UN agencies warn

The children of South Sudan are among the most vulnerable on the planet, two leading United Nations humanitarian agencies said today, with a senior UN refugee official warning that the world’s newest nation cannot afford to lose a generation of children, “as in them lies the future and hope of the young nation.”

The people of South Sudan “are suffering”

The people of South Sudan “are suffering”; that’s according to Ellen Løj, the head of the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

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UN supports South Sudan’s quest for peace, prosperity and development

The United Nations is walking “side-by-side” with the people of South Sudan as they pursue a path towards peace, prosperity and development, says the head of the Department that supports UN peacekeeping operations worldwide.

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Fresh fighting in South Sudan forces thousands to flee into remote eastern DR Congo

More than 4,000 people have fled to a remote region of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) due to recent fighting between local groups, known as the ‘Arrow Boys’ and the South Sudanese Army in the Western Equatoria region of South Sudan, the United Nations refugee agency said today.

Implementation of peace deal “light at the end of the tunnel” for South Sudan

The “light at the end of the tunnel” for South Sudan is the implementation of the peace agreement reached this past summer.

That’s according to the head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Ellen Margrethe Løj.

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South Sudan at critical juncture, UN peacekeeping chief warns; calls for more ‘blue helmets’

With both sides repeatedly violating the ceasefire, endangering progress so far made towards a political transition, the South Sudan peace process is at a critical juncture and in need of increased international support, the top United Nations peacekeeping official warned today.

Former Sierra Leonean child soldier wants human face on suffering

A former child soldier from Sierra Leone has said he wants to put a human face on the suffering of children who are forced to go to war.

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