Security Council calls for large increase to African peace force in Somalia

The Security Council today called on the African Union (AU) to increase the size of its peacekeeping force in Somalia (AMISOM) by almost 50 per cent to deal with continued insecurity in the impoverished country.

Ban welcomes political deal reached at Somali constitutional conference

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the political agreement reached by Somalis at a national constitutional conference, saying the accord “sets out clear steps for ending the transition and putting in place a constitutional order” in the war-scarred, impoverished country.

Somalia: UN and partners insist interim political arrangement must end in August

The international group that brings together the United Nations and its diplomatic partners in support of efforts to restore peace and stability in Somalia insisted today that the country’s current transitional governing arrangements must end on 20 August this year, as stipulated in recent agreements, and called for a new draft constitution by mid-April.

UN says Somali famine over, but warns action needed to forestall new crisis

The UN declared an end to famine conditions in Somalia today, but warned that the crisis in the Horn of Africa is not over and requires continued efforts to restore food security and help people resume normal lives.