Welcoming new Somali Roadmap to peace, Ban calls on world to provide more aid

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on the international community to provide additional resources to Somalia’s transitional leaders following their adoption of a plan to bring unity, peace and stability to a country that has been torn by factional strife for the past 20 years.

Somalia: UN-backed meeting endorses roadmap to end transition, restore stability

Delegates attending a United Nations-backed meeting on ending Somalia’s transitional period today endorsed a roadmap that spells out priority measures to be implemented before the current governing arrangements end in August next year.

At UN-backed consultative meeting, Somali regions commit to better cooperation

The leaders of two of Somalia’s semi-autonomous regions that clashed over a border dispute last week today adopted a three-point plan to ensure better communication and cooperation in addressing common threats, the United Nations political office for the country said.

Upcoming meeting in Mogadishu critical for restoring stability in Somalia – UN envoy

The upcoming meeting of Somali leaders in Mogadishu, the first major conference in the capital for many years, will be “hugely significant” for restoring peace and stability in the strife-torn nation, says a senior United Nations official.

Somali chief’s visit to Puntland region opens way for national reconciliation – UN

Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed recent visit to the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland is a step forward on the path to national reconciliation in the faction-wracked country, a senior United Nations official said today.

Flow of Somalis fleeing famine starts to ebb – UN

Fewer people have been fleeing their homes in famine-wracked Somalia this month, with insecurity, restrictions by Al-Shabaab Islamic militants and delivery of on-site aid all apparently playing a role in the decrease, the United Nations reported today.

As starving Somalis flood into Ethiopia, UN sends in emergency aid team

The United Nations has deployed an emergency team to south-eastern Ethiopia where 18,000 new refugees fleeing drought, famine and conflict in Somalia have recently poured in, compounding a situation already fraught with high mortality from malnutrition and measles.

Somalia: ‘Disaster fatigue’ must not dull compassion for starving children – UN

The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today made an impassioned appealed to the world to save an estimated 390,000 starving children in famine-ravaged regions of Somalia, saying the international community must not let the so-called “disaster fatigue” numb compassion and generosity.

Security Council urges all Somali groups to attend consultations on governance

The Security Council today stressed the need for all Somali groups to participate in next month’s consultative meeting convened to seek agreement on a roadmap on key priorities to be implemented over the next year by the country’s Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs).

Ban talks with rock star Bono on mobilizing aid for famine-wracked Horn of Africa

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today discussed the need to mobilize international resources to counter famine in the Horn of Africa with Irish rock star Bono, a leader of the multi-partner Campaign ONE, which fights extreme poverty and preventable diseases in the world’s poorest places.