UNESCO chief deplores latest killing of a Somali journalist

Somali authorities must do everything in their power to put an end to the continuing violence which has already claimed the lives of eight journalists in the African country this year, the head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom said today, as she condemned the latest killing of a Somali journalist.

UN condemns killing of staff member in Somalia, urges more protection for humanitarians

The United Nations in Somalia today condemned the killing of a humanitarian worker serving with the UN food relief agency in the country’s south.

UN envoy welcomes election of Speaker of Parliament in Somalia

The United Nations envoy to Somalia today applauded the election of the country’s new Speaker of Parliament, welcoming the democratic breakthrough as a moment of progress and optimism for the war-torn African nation.

UN envoy urges Somalis to finalize list of new parliamentarians

The United Nations envoy for Somalia today voiced deep concern at the ongoing delays in finalizing the list of new parliamentarians, warning that it might threaten the electoral calendar.

Ban welcomes inauguration of Somali Parliament as ‘watershed moment’

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomes the inauguration today of the New Federal Parliament of Somalia as a major milestone in the nation's peace and reconciliation process, according to his spokesperson.

UN envoy says spoilers must not disrupt Somalia’s peaceful transition to democracy

Spoilers hampering Somalia’s transition to democracy will face stringent action from the Security Council if they continue their obstruction, the United Nations top political official for Somalia declared today, while also confirming that the selection of Somalia’s new Parliament was on track and would usher in a new era of peace, stability and democracy for the East African country.

UN envoy calls for end of impunity in Somalia after killings of two media workers

Strongly condemning the killings of a Government information official and a journalist in Somalia in separate incidents, the top United Nations political envoy for the East African nation today called for the end of the “culture of impunity” that threatens the country’s free press as it struggles to emerge from two decades of lawlessness.

Somalia: UN envoy hails presidential decree, Security Council welcomes political progress

The United Nations top political official for Somalia today welcomed a presidential decree on the Horn of Africa country’s National Security and Stabilization Plan (NSSP), while the Security Council has welcomed the recent progress Somalia has made in progressing towards the end of its temporary governing arrangements.

UN and Somalia sign action plan on ending killing and maiming of children

The United Nations and Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) have signed an action plan on ending the killing and maiming children in the Horn of Africa country.

UN officials welcome ‘historic’ approval of new constitution for Somalia

The overwhelming approval of a Provisional Constitution for Somalia by the representative body convened for that purpose – a key step toward ending the Horn of Africa country’s long transition to stable governance – was hailed today by United Nations officials.