Soil pollution ‘jeopardizing’ life on Earth, UN agency warns on World Day

Soil is a “treasure beneath our feet,” essential to human lives and well-being, a senior United Nations official has highlighted, warning, however, that this invaluable resource is under constant threat from the little-understood phenomenon of soil pollution.

UN Daily News Programme 11 December 2017

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News in Brief 23 June 2017 (AM)

Team of international experts to investigate rights abuses in Kasais, DRC

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Warming earth threatens to release huge amounts of carbon – UN agency

Rising temperatures could release massive amounts of carbon trapped in the Earth's soil, the United Nations agricultural agency today reported, warning that soil management could make or break climate change response efforts.

Thai king’s legacy on soil “can benefit families of farmers” globally

The former King of Thailand’s focus on improving soil quality can help “families of farmers around the world” reach the Sustainable Development Goals, the internationally agreed targets to fight

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Unhealthy environment behind 1 in 4 global deaths

Nearly a quarter of all deaths globally are the result of people living or working in unhealthy environments, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

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At end of International Year of Soils, UN chief appeals for reverse in rate of soil degradation

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is marking the second World Soil Day and the end of the International Year of Soils with an appeal to reverse the current rate of soil degradation because of expanding cities, deforestation, unsustainable land use and management practices, pollution, overgrazing and climate change.

UN official stresses link between healthy soils, sustainable development as Global Soil Week starts

As Global Soil Week began in Berlin today, a United Nations agricultural agency official used his opening address to stress the significance of healthy soils to global food production and the importance of prioritizing soil health in public policy.