Sierra Leone

UN mission in Sierra Leone ends

The United Nations mission in Sierra Leone has completed its work at the end of its mandate on 31 March.

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FEATURE: Sierra Leone – from ashes of war UN helps plant seeds of peace

“With some of the most perfect palm-lined sands on the continent, it won’t be long before Sierra Leone takes its place in Europe’s packaged beach-holiday scene.”

‘Sierra Leone is a success story built on steady progress,’ Security Council told

With more than 15 years of United Nations peace operations in Sierra Leone set to wrap up at the end of this month, the top UN official there said today that while the West African nation has gained solid footing on the path to recovery, it will still require sustained international attention and support to address the lingering challenges from a brutal civil war in the 1990s.

Closing political office in Sierra Leone, UN shifts focus to long-term development

The United Nations today launched a new phase of support in Sierra Leone with the transitioning of its political mission to a more development-focused UN presence, a sign of the West African nation’s sustained recovery from a brutal civil war and an example to follow for countries still grappling with conflict.