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Economically empowered women essential for stronger economies: ITC

Increasing women’s participation in global trade will lead to better development outcomes for families and communities.

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Women’s economic empowerment a faster route to ending poverty: ITC

At a time when women’s rights are coming under fire in some parts of the world, it is important that the UN sends the message that women’s economic empowerment matters.

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Digital entrepreneur pushes for equality online

The internet could provide an “easy, accessible and cheap” way for millions of women to make a living and promote equality, one influential digital entrepreneur believes.

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Kenyan firm wins ITC business investment challenge

A digital entrepreneur from Kenya is urging young women in the tech industry to find creative solutions to problems in their own communities.

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UN Gender Focus: women's economic empowerment, Yemen peace talks and gender parity in sports

Women’s economic empowerment: no time to waste

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