sexual orientation

UN rights chief urges Serbia to allow pride parade for lesbian and gay people

The United Nations human rights chief today urged Serbia to allow a pride parade for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to take place after authorities banned the public gathering, stressing that citizens should not be prevented from exercising their fundamental freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly.

Liberia: UN speaks out against draft law that would criminalize homosexual behaviour

The United Nations human rights office today voiced concern about draft legislation currently being considered by Liberian lawmakers that would broadly criminalize homosexual behaviour, adding that it will negatively impact vulnerable populations in the country.

Ban praises work of defenders of gay and lesbian rights

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today hailed the work of gay and lesbian rights defenders all over the world, stressing that States have a legal obligation to stop violence and discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation.

UN rights chief lauds Australian move on identity for transgender, intersex people

The United Nations human rights chief today welcomed Australia’s decision to enable its citizens who are transgender or intersex, or who do not wish to identify themselves as either male or female, to have their sex and gender identity properly reflected on their passports.

UN agency calls on Uganda to ensure security of gays after activist's murder

The United Nations today condemned the murder of a prominent gay activist and human rights defender in Uganda and called on the Government to ensure the security of gays in a country where homosexuality is a crime under existing laws.

UN agency revising policies to protect people fleeing persecution due to sexuality

The United Nations refugee agency said today it is revising its policies to protect people fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, after a survey highlighted the dangers and prejudice faced by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex asylum-seekers and refugees.