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Online tool that monitors disaster losses will save lives in Pacific: UN expert

Representatives from 10 countries in the Pacific region have been trained in how to use an online tool to track disaster losses.

Julia Dean spoke to Andy McElroy, the UN official who led the workshop, held recently in Fiji.

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Progress on reducing disaster risk “but not nearly enough”

There’s been “enormous progress” in reducing the risks associated with disasters throughout the world “but not nearly enough”.

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Disaster Risk Reduction plan takes centre stage in Montreal

A regional action plan for the Americas to reduce the risks posed by disaster will be at the top of the agenda in the Canadian city of Montreal this week, when a UN-led conference gets underway.

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Italy response post-earthquake “excellent”

Italian authorities are doing “excellent” work carrying out search and rescue operations as well as responding to people’s needs after strong earthquakes struck the country, a UN official has noted.

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Older people need “greater say” in disaster planning

Older people need to be consulted more consistently when it comes to planning for the eventuality of disasters; that’s according to an expert working for the non-profit organization, HelpAge International in Colombia.

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UN Gender Focus: Sexual Violence in Conflict, Disaster Management and Disabled Women Fight for Equal Rights

Uniting political will and theatre to end wartime rape

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“Empower women” to be part of disaster management policy making

Greater efforts need to be made to empower women to be part of the decision-making process for disaster risk reduction policies, according to a senior Canadian emergency management official.

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Disaster policy needs to be better communicated to “broader audience”

Information relating to national disaster risk reduction policies needs to be better communicated to “regular people” according to a senior United Nations official in Paraguay.

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“Resisting human nature” in order to reduce disaster risk

“Resisting human nature” is necessary to plan for and reduce the risk of disasters.

That’s according to Robert Glasser, head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, UNISDR.

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