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Security Council resolution extends life-saving aid to Syrians

Syria topped the agenda in the Security Council on Tuesday, where ambassadors heard briefings from the UN officials overseeing the political and humanitarian response to the

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“Growing risk” that Israel and Palestine will go their own way

There is a “growing risk” that Israel and Palestine will increasingly go their own way and abandon the so-called two-State solution which envisages both countries living side by side in peace.

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UN and Africa: UN volunteers, land policies for the “Africa we want” and space technology

Raising the profile of UN Volunteers in Sudan

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Compliance with international law key to combatting foreign terrorist fighters

The Security Council has been looking at what one senior UN official has described as a “very complex and evolving issue”: foreigners travelling to conflict zones to join te

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UN Chief: Peace and security link key for Mediterranean region

Peace and security are inseparable from the advancement of social progress and human rights, the UN Secretary-General said on Friday.

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'Peace, dialogue' and diplomacy needed over DPRK: UN expert

The Security Council has to be careful not to negatively impact “ordinary people” in North Korea through sanctions aimed at stopping its nuclear weapons programme.

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Rising child violations in war “a source of global shame”: Guterres

The increased use and abuse of children by warring parties is “a source of global shame”, the UN chief told the Security Council on Tuesday.

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New UN team to investigate ISIL crimes in Iraq

In a “landmark” resolution, the Security Council established a new team on Thursday to investigate alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the

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“It hurts” that humanitarian needs go unmet: UN relief chief

“It hurts” when the humanitarian response to a man-made crisis is insufficient to meet the needs of vulnerable people, says the UN relief chief in a wide-ranging interview ahead of leaving his post at the end of August.

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“Time running out” to stop terrorism’s spread across the Sahel

Time is “running out” to find and implement solutions to the spread of terrorist groups and their extremist ideology across Africa’s Sahel region.

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