Second World War

Wednesday’s Daily Brief: updates from the Near East and Libya, Ebola in DR Congo, World War remembrance

On Wednesday, we cover: chronic hunger in the Middle East; the toll of war on Gazans; the one-year-long detention of an academic in Iran; Syrian health facilities under attack; Ebola casualties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo hitting the 1,000 mark; and a two-day remembrance effort for those who died during the Second World War.

News in Brief 8 May 2019

  • Rising hunger in Middle East affects over 52 million people
  • Without emergency funding, more Gaza protestors face amputations
  • Remembering the victims of the Second World War
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Honouring Second World War victims, UN chief calls neo-Nazism ‘a spreading cancer’

Paying tribute to all victims of the Second World War – on whose ashes the United Nations was founded – Secretary-General António Guterres described this year’s commemoration as more meaningful than any that has gone before.

Story of “Japan’s Schindler” shows how one can make a difference

A Japanese diplomat who rescued 6,000 Jewish families fleeing Nazi persecution in Lithuania showed how one person can make a difference, Cellin Gluck, the Director of a movie entitled "Persona Non Grata" has said.

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“Devastating consequences” of nuclear weapons should never be forgotten

Recent ballistic missile launches by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) shows the need for more international dialogue on the nuclear issue.

That’s the opinion of the head of the UN organization working to make a global nuclear test-ban treaty reality.

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UN Gender Focus: gender equal world, refugees and "comfort women"

“Step it up” for a gender-equal world, urges UN Women chief

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UN remembers man who saved 669 children during Holocaust

The heroic acts of a British man who saved 669 Jewish children from near certain death were remembered this morning at the UN’s Holocaust Remembrance Day events.

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Global cooperation urged at concert marking 70th anniversary at UN

The importance of global cooperation for peace to prevail was highlighted at a concert by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra marking the UN’s 70th anniversary.

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