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UN / Valeria Bove

Time to ‘turn words into deeds’ in combatting sexual exploitation in Central Africa

Following his first visit to the Central African Republic, the newly-appointed Special Coordinator on Improving UN Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, or SEA, `underscored the need to “turn words into deeds” when it comes to zero tolerance of the scourge.

During his first field visit since taking office this month, Christian Saunders reiterated the UN’s firm stance against any and all such acts.

UN News/Lulu Gao

Caribbean taking action to protect ocean: sustainable tourism expert

The ocean is the “main player” in Caribbean tourism and this “fragile resource” must be protected.

That’s the opinion of the Director of Sustainable Tourism for the 33-member Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Julio Orozco.

Mr Orozco is based in Trinidad and Tobago which is among the world’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which depend on the sea for economic survival.

UN News/Lulu Gao

Forest project in Trinidad & Tobago also protects marine life: FAO

Civil society groups, government agencies and local people in Trinidad and Tobago are coming together to improve management of forests and other protected areas, including those linked to the sea.

They are doing so through a US$30 million project focusing on six pilot sites across the island nation that include a marine protected area in Tobago, home to several significant coral reef formations.

UNHCR/A. d'Amato

Mediterranean death toll hits record high

The death toll among refugees and migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea has reached an all-time high, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has reported.

At least 3,740 lives have been lost so far this year compared to 3,771 for the whole of 2015, the highest number on record.

Many of those making the journey have been boarding from Libya in North Africa to get to Italy, a route that UNHCR considers extremely dangerous due to the open sea, strong currents and grim weather.

UN Photo/Mark Garten

Denouncing sex abuse by UN troops not enough, says envoy

Denouncing sexual abuse by international peacekeeping forces is not enough, the UN must respond quickly to help the victims and help render justice.

That’s according to a senior UN official in charge of improving the United Nations response to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).

The Central African Republic has a history of military coups and rebellion has been plagued by sectarian violence between two opposing groups for the past three years.

Jocelyne Sambira has the story.

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