All countries need to bring ideas on poverty, says ITC chief

As world leaders gather in Ethiopia to decide how to eliminate global poverty, one UN agency chief says all countries need to come with their own suggestions on how to do it.

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Africa's services future "is more than flipping burgers"

African countries urgently need to shake up their services sector if they’re to compete in the global market place and achieve key sustainable development goals, UN economists said on Thursday.

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FEATURE: The UN body with its finger on the pulse of sustainable development

It was 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, and world leaders were struggling to understand how they had been so taken by surprise by an economic shock that had struck their populations with the ferocity and suddenness of a natural disaster.

No “surrender of dignity” to receive development assistance

Countries in Asia wanting to implement new development goals do not have to surrender their dignity by receiving financial assistance, according to a senior official of the Philippines government.

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Political action and investment needed to end “energy poverty”

Political action and financial investment is needed to end what’s been described by a senior UN official as “energy poverty.”

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FEATURE: One woman’s heroic efforts to restore more than just Rwanda’s forests

As her nation emerged from crisis, and in the face of great personal tragedy, Rose Mukankomeje took the initiative to bring Rwandans together to protect their natural resources and, in the process, restore communities devastated by conflict.