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Nairobi playground improved following Block by Block workshops

The digital building blocks of better communities

In cities and communities across the world, citizens of all ages and backgrounds are getting the chance to literally play an important role in redesigning their public spaces, thanks to an innovative collaboration between the UN, and the company behind the popular computer game Minecraft.

Matt Wells, UN News

‘If cities don’t develop sustainably, neither will the world’

The challenges facing cities, in an age of climate change and technological innovation, will be highlighted at the World Urban Forum, held in Abu Dhabi between February 8 and 13.

Before he left for the UN’s annual conference on the urban environment, Haoliang Xu, Director of the UN Development Programme’s Department of Policy and Programme Support, sat down with Matt Wells from UN News.

Mr. Xu revealed that there is a growing trend of city leaders looking to the UN to help solve an increasingly complex set of problems.