Security Council welcomes targeted sanctions as useful tool

United Nations Security Council members today welcomed targeted sanctions as a useful tool to focus pressure on specific states and entities while minimizing the unintended impact on civilian populations and non-targeted states and entities.

Chairmen of Security Council sanctions panels report progress but urge more action

The imposition of Security Council sanctions against various warring parties has served to foster peace, but more remains to be done to maximize the effectiveness of this tool, the chairmen of panels monitoring those measures reported today.

Security Council names 3 new entities subject to sanctions against Al-Qaida operatives

Three new entities have been added to the United Nations list of those subject to sanctions against Al-Qaida and Taliban operatives.

Security Council panel on Liberia sanctions drops 3 from list prohibiting travel

A United Nations Security Council panel on Liberia has revised its list of individuals subject to travel restrictions, as called for by international sanctions against the west African country.

Security Council panel on Liberia sanctions revises list on travel restrictions

The Security Council committee set up to monitor international sanctions against Liberia has revised its list of individuals banned from travelling abroad.

Chair of Security Council sanctions committee assesses peace process in Sierra Leone

The chairman of the United Nations Security Council sanctions committee on Sierra Leone arrived today in the capital, Freetown, to assess the current peace process and political developments in the country.

Angola: Security Council suspends travel sanctions against UNITA members

Reacting to recent "historic" events in Angola that brought to a halt nearly three decades of civil war, the United Nations Security Council today suspended travel restrictions it had imposed in 1997 against officials of a rebel group involved in the conflict.

Liberia: Security Council reviews sanctions, discusses draft text for Monday's vote

After meeting in closed-door consultations to review the sanctions imposed on Liberia for its support for the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Sierra Leone and other armed groups in the region, the United Nations Security Council today said it had also discussed a draft resolution that it intended to vote on next Monday.

Afghanistan: UN panel issues progress report on anti-Taliban sanctions

The United Nations Security Council Committee monitoring sanctions imposed against the Taliban has gained useful information by working with Member States and UN agencies in carrying out its difficult task, according to a report released today in New York.

With Taliban out, Security Council lifts sanctions against Ariana Afghan Airlines

With the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan, the Security Council today lifted international sanctions against Ariana Afghan airlines.