UN atomic agency reviews Czech Republic’s largest national electricity company

An international team led by United Nations nuclear safety experts today completed a review of corporate safety performance at CEZ, the largest national electricity company in the Czech Republic, to address safety operations at the Dukovany and Temelin nuclear power plants.

Lamenting car crash deaths, UN chief urges greater attention to road safety

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today lamented the tragedy of needless deaths and injuries from road accidents and exhorted the world to intensify efforts to minimize the crashes by coming up with innovative plans to reduce the risks associated with them.

New General Assembly resolution seeks to curb road traffic injuries

A new resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly today urges stepped up efforts to boost road global road safety.

UN agency calls for intensive research to curb health care-related deaths

At a time when tens of millions of patients worldwide endure disabling injuries or die each year from unsafe medical practices, the United Nations health agency and its partners today called for increased research into patient safety, including the risks posed by care- and surgery-related infections, adverse drug effects and unsafe injections.

UN agencies urge vigilance on food safety

Pointing to weaknesses in food safety systems around the world, two United Nations agencies today urged all countries to be vigilant when dealing with traders and producers that affect the supply line.

UN agency says global food standards offer opportunities too for the developing world

A proliferation of standards and codes relating to the growing and supply of foods has generated increasing challenges for developing countries to penetrate markets in richer States but good agricultural practices can also help the developing world cope with globalization, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which wants to help create a “win-win” solution for all parties.

Improving road safety can boost efforts to meet development goals – UN report

With millions of people killed, injured or disabled in traffic accidents each year – mostly in urban areas of developing countries – and with burdensome health-care costs creeping ever higher, a new United Nations report has recommended that the world body’s 191 Member governing Assembly step up its efforts to reduce traffic risks and improve global rode safety.

Genetically modified food can boost health but risk assessment must continue – UN

Genetically modified (GM) foods can contribute to enhancing human health and development, but continued safety assessments are needed before they are marketed to prevent risks to both human health and the environment, according to a new United Nations report released today.

UN agencies consult with consumer groups on promoting food safety

The Geneva-based UN World Health Organization (WHO) is hosting this week a gathering of consumer associations from 25 countries to discuss ways they can work together to help improve national food quality and safety standards.

With job related deaths topping 2 million annually, UN calls for preventive steps

With job-related accidents and illnesses claiming more than 2 million lives each year, and the toll rising because of rapid industrialization in some developing countries, the United Nations labour and health agencies joined forces today in calling for preventative safety strategies worldwide.