SAMOA: UN disaster risk chief calls for putting partnerships to work

The commitments made at the international conference on partnering with small island developing states must be prioritized and implemented as soon as possible, urged the top United Nations official on disaster risk reduction.

Private sector must engage in disaster risk reduction to avoid economic losses – UN

The United Nations today warned that economic losses from disasters have spun out of control and called on the world’s business community to incorporate disaster risk management to their investment strategies to avoid further losses.

UN relief chief highlights cooperation with South-east Asia on disaster management

The United Nations relief chief today highlighted the importance of working with South-east Asian countries to implement measures to manage and reduce the risk of disasters, which affected more than 176 million people in the region last year.

As disasters increase, risk reduction should a be a concern for all – UN chief

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that disaster risk reduction should be a daily concern for everyone, noting that vulnerability to catastrophes is growing faster than the world’s capacity to strengthen resilience, as evidenced by the devastation wrought by the recent series of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts.

Six UN-backed green awards handed out for work in disasters

An organization tackling health-threatening pollution in developing countries and a renowned academic working to make houses safer during earthquakes are among the recipients of awards announced today by the United Nations and the environmental group founded by the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Participants at UN disaster risk meeting pledge to improve preparedness

Government representatives at a major United Nations conference on disaster risk reduction today pledged to put disaster preparedness at the forefront of their plans to protect communities, noting that economic losses associated with natural catastrophes have outpaced wealth creation in some regions.

UN official underlines need for disaster preparedness to enhance resilience

The head of the United Nations office tasked with assisting countries with disaster risk reduction today stressed that governments and communities must urgently build disaster preparedness to avoid paying higher human and economic costs when such events occur.

African nations meet to boost disaster risk reduction at UN-backed forum

Delegates from 42 countries in Africa, which along with Asia is the most vulnerable continent to disasters, kicked off a United Nations-backed meeting in Nairobi today to discuss ways to make their communities and citizens safer.