UN lauds new tool enabling individual complaints on economic, social and cultural rights

The United Nations has applauded the upcoming availability of a new human rights instrument which, for the first time, will allow victims to file complaints at the international level about violations of their economic, social and cultural rights, placing those rights on equal footing with all other human rights.

UN rights chief praises groundbreaking report on violence against women in India

A new report proposing ways to tackle violence against women in India represents a groundbreaking basis for action, the United Nations human rights chief said today, urging the Government to follow through with its recommendations.

UN independent expert: right of peaceful assembly is not an excuse to commit violence

An independent United Nations human rights expert today condemned the violence that has been taking place in numerous cities across the world in response to an anti-Islamic film, and warned that protest demonstrations and rallies must be peaceful in order to be protected by international human rights law.

UN expert calls on Honduras to step up efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation

A United Nations independent expert today called on Honduras to increase its efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation, adding that the country still faces many challenges to ensure they are not victims of prostitution, pornography and abuse.

Secretary-General calls on States to abolish death penalty

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Member States which use the death penalty to abolish this practice, stressing that the right to life lies at the heart of international human rights law.

UN official highlights situation in Syria at opening of Human Rights Council session

Warning of crimes against humanity and possible war crimes being committed, the United Nations human rights chief today called on the international community to overcome differences in order to end the violence and human rights violations in Syria.

UN rights chief speaks out against US failure to close Guantanamo detention facility

The United Nations human rights chief today spoke out against the failure by the United States to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and to ensure accountability for serious violations – including torture – that took place there.

UN rights chief speaks out against ‘extremely harsh’ sentence given to Chinese activist

The United Nations human rights chief today voiced deep concern about the 10-year prison sentence handed down to Chinese activist Liu Xianbin for writing articles calling for democratic reforms.

UN experts concerned over government-imposed limits on freedom of expression

A group of United Nations independent human rights experts today voiced alarm at limits imposed by governments on the right to freedom of expression and information, saying recent mass protests in several countries were the result of frustrations by people who felt ignored or neglected.

UN Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino recognized for human trafficking work

Recognizing her real-life role in the fight against human trafficking, the Academy Award winning actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Mira Sorvino, was awarded the Global Advocate of the Year Award by the UN press corps at an event in New York on Wednesday night.