responsibility to protect

Rule of law key to implementing responsibility to protect principle, says UN official

The rule of law is key to the implementation of the ‘responsibility to protect’ principle, often referred to as R2P, and the prevention of atrocities, a United Nations senior legal official stressed today.

Responsibility to Protect: Ban urges action to make UN-backed tool ‘a living reality’

The principle of ‘responsibility to protect’ was tested as never before in 2011, resulting in tens of thousands of lives saved and vital lessons learned, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, calling for action to ensure that this tool is a “living reality” for the world’s people.

Sovereignty cannot stop intervention against rights abuses, Belgium and Italy tell UN

Sovereignty can no longer be used as excuse by States to oppress their own people or prevent the international community to intervene to stop gross abuses of human rights, Belgium and Italy said at the United Nations.

Ban urges effective mechanism to apply responsibility to protect principle

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a concerted international effort to develop a mechanism for applying the principle of the global responsibility to protect to ensure that this century becomes the first one whose history is not “written in the blood of innocents.”

Secretary-General sets out broad agenda for strengthening human protection

Action to protect people from man-made or natural calamities stands at the centre of the United Nations purposes and principles, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, stressing that human protection matters as much as the security of states, and is a responsibility shared by governments, business communities, and civil society.

General Assembly agrees to hold more talks on responsibility to protect

The General Assembly today adopted by consensus its first resolution on the responsibility to protect, agreeing to hold further discussions on the international understanding to intervene to stop atrocities from taking place.