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PROFILE: Taking a lead against genocide, ‘no society is immune’ warns Adama Dieng

Adama Dieng assumed the position of the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide in 2012, after a long and distinguished career in law and human rights, stepping down from the post at the end of July. 

Scourge of genocide remains a ‘threat and a reality’ today: UN human rights chief

Genocide remains a “threat and a reality” in the 21st century, UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Thursday, in an appeal to States to do more to act on the “warning signs” that often precede grave violations of international law.

UN takes a right step in combating atrocity crimes

R2P, shorthand for the Responsibility to Protect, has been a guiding principle for well over a decade, but only now has it become an official agenda item  at the UN General Assembly.  According to Adama Dieng, the Secretary-General's Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, this makes 2018 an historic year.

Mr. Dieng spoke to UN News about the importance of R2P.

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‘All atrocity crimes are preventable’ and can never be justified – UN chief

Atrocity crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing – are not “inevitable”, the United Nations Secretary-General said on Monday, stressing that the international community must do more to end violence against innocent people.

Atrocity crimes “on the rise” along with “Responsibility to Protect”

With atrocity crimes on the rise around the world, countries have an increasing responsibility to protect their citizens, according to the UN Special Adviser on the issue.

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“Political will” in “short supply” for Responsibility to Protect

The “political will” to protect vulnerable people from so-called “atrocity crimes” has been in “short supply” especially when it comes to UN Security Council taking action.

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Ten years on, ‘responsibility to protect’ must be more than words – UN officials

Citing numerous crises around the world, including in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, United Nations officials today stressed that the principle of ‘responsibility to protect’ endorsed by leaders a decade ago must be translated into action and more done to provide real protection for people in dire need.

Amid multiple crises, ‘responsibility to protect’ more urgent than ever – UN officials

Today’s crises, from the horrors in Iraq and Syria to the persistent violence in South Sudan and Ukraine, demand urgent and collective action to stem atrocity crimes and protect civilians, United Nations officials said today, as the General Assembly met to discuss the ‘responsibility to protect’ adopted nearly 10 years ago by world leaders.

Secretary-General appoints special adviser to focus on responsibility to protect

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Jennifer Welsh of Canada as his Special Adviser who will focus on the responsibility to protect populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Timely and decisive response vital to uphold ‘responsibility to protect’ – UN officials

A timely and decisive response is vital in the face of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, top United Nations officials stressed today, highlighting the need to act when a State fails to protect its own people.