The economics of gender balance

As women fight for gender parity in and out of the workforce a new study shows that in most of Europe, women are slowly catching up to men.

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Modern slavery: the “dark underbelly” of globalization

No country is “immune” from the scourge of modern slavery and the path that many of its victims take “can often by very similar”.

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Emerging economies advancing rapidly in scientific research – UN

Emerging economies are rapidly closing the gap in global research and development between the industrialized world and developing countries with China, India and the Republic of Korea devoting increasing resources to science and technology, a new United Nations report unveiled today shows.

UN health agency seeks to close gaps in pharmaceutical research and innovation

Promoting pharmaceutical innovation by shortening the development process, revamping the payment system and a varied approach to balancing research and market demands, with Europe playing the leading role, are among the findings of a groundbreaking report released by the United Nations health agency today.

UN health agency speeds up access to latest data in battle against disease

In a bid to speed up the war on disease, especially among the poor and marginalized populations of developing countries, the United Nations health agency today announced a new initiative to facilitate free Internet access to the latest data on clinical trials aimed at prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

UN health agency puts biomedical research on web for developing countries

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today made one of the largest collections of biomedical literature available on the Internet - a move which put critical research at the fingertips of thousands of doctors, policy-makers and other professionals in some 70 developing countries.