Signs of hope amid 'horrible' picture in Baghdad, UN local staff say

Even as the United Nations pressed ahead today with its first relief lifeline into Baghdad along what could become its most important aid corridor into Iraq, UN local staff today painted a “horrible” picture on the ground, yet with highlights of hope and humanitarian heroism.

UN food convoys converge on Iraq

United Nations food convoys were advancing on Iraq from four directions today as relief agencies continued to report issues of major humanitarian concern.

UN relief agencies report some progress in Iraq but grave health problems persist

United Nations relief agencies today reported some incremental progress in Iraq, especially in the far south, but severe and disturbing problems still persisted in many parts of the country where lack of security and clean water were among the most urgent health issues.

UN agencies stress dangers to relief efforts from lawlessness in Iraq

Stressing repeatedly the very grave threat posed to humanitarian activities in Iraq by current lawlessness and looting, United Nations relief agencies appealed to coalition forces today to act swiftly to avoid the breakdown of all aid efforts for the civilian population.

Senior UN relief official voices sorrow at death of Red Cross worker in Iraq

Underscoring the dangers faced by aid workers inside Iraq, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Kenzo Oshima, expressed his sorrow today at the death of a delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) killed in Baghdad yesterday while carrying out his duties.

UN agencies alarmed at security situation in Iraq but some planning to go back

Even as United Nations relief agencies reported chaotic scenes from Baghdad, with a hospital and UN compounds being looted, plans were underway today to send some international humanitarian aid staff back into the country within the next few days, security permitting.

Senior UN officials express growing alarm for Iraqi civilians, children

Senior United Nations officials expressed growing alarm today over the mounting civilian death toll in Iraq and the fate of children who may be cut off from aid.

UN doing 'whatever we can' to rush emergency medical aid to Baghdad - Annan

Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today the United Nations was trying to do everything possible to rush emergency medical supplies to Baghdad.

Humanitarian crisis looms in Iraq because of breakdown of law and order - UN

United Nations relief agencies warned today that looting and the breakdown of law and order in Iraq threatened to unleash a humanitarian crisis as their operations were obstructed, and they called on the occupying military forces to afford the necessary security for their aid work to function.

Already alarmed by civilian casualties in Iraq, UN agencies now concerned by looting

Already preoccupied with the flood of civilian casualties from the fighting in Iraq and the other hardships facing the civilian population, United Nations relief agencies today expressed a new concern - looting.