Using new supply route, UN rushes relief aid to war-weary Afghans

Utilizing a new supply route, the United Nations today dispatched the first barge load of relief supplies destined for the beleaguered people of Afghanistan through the Termez River crossing in Uzbekistan.

Sudan: WFP starts first major relief operation in decades in Nuba mountains

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched the first major relief operation in decades to the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan, to urgently feed a total of 158,000 people impoverished and displaced by war.

UN officials urge parties in Afghanistan to respect human rights

With the situation on the ground in Afghanistan changing rapidly, United Nations officials today called for both sides in the conflict to respect international humanitarian and human rights law.

Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis may worsen if security deteriorates, UN warns

Afghanistan’s already calamitous humanitarian situation could degenerate if law and order is further disrupted in the country, the United Nations warned today.

UN food agency begins to airlift supplies for hungry Afghans

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today began an airlift of more than 2,000 metric tonnes of food from south-western Pakistan for delivery to remote areas of northern Afghanistan.

Security Council says Taliban misrule causing Afghan humanitarian crisis

Gravely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, members of the Security Council today said that the Taliban's misrule is the underlying cause of the country's dire circumstances.

Food distribution in Afghanistan increasingly difficult, top UN relief official says

The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator today told the Security Council that obstacles hampering food delivery to Afghanistan could leave the country unable to meet its needs as winter sets in.

Relief effort in Afghanistan faces increasing obstacles, UN officials say

With Afghanistan's severe winter approaching fast, relief agencies are facing increasing obstacles as they race against time to bring aid to millions of destitute and suffering people in the country, UN officials said today.

UN agencies seek urgent funding for Afghanistan relief efforts

With severe winter temperatures just a month away in Afghanistan, United Nations agencies working in the country and surrounding region urged donor governments today to respond more rapidly to emergency appeals for funding.

Afghanistan: UN officials urge protection for civilians and aid workers

With military action continuing in Afghanistan, United Nations officials today urged protection for civilians as well as aid workers trying to provide relief to the country's destitute and suffering people.