Afghanistan: UN relief effort continues amid persistent security concerns

Amid persistent security concerns, United Nations agencies continued to provide relief aid to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan, UN officials said today.

Annan launches appeal to help 33 million vulnerable people worldwide

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today launched a $2.5 billion appeal to help 33 million people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and protection – a move that was immediately welcomed by the members of the Security Council.

United Front leaders tell UN that women can fully participate in Afghan society

Leaders of the United Front have indicated that women will be able to fully participate in Afghan society, a senior United Nations official reported today.

Seeking to stave off hunger in Afghanistan, UN agencies speed up food deliveries

United Nations agencies are working to prevent widespread hunger in Afghanistan, where drought and war had severely hampered food production even before the recent military operation, UN officials said today.

UN official says Afghanistan will need multi-billion dollar recovery effort

Addressing a conference on the reconstruction of Afghanistan held today in Washington, D.C., a senior United Nations official said the country's long-term recovery effort would cost billions of dollars.

Amid improved security, more UN aid workers return to Afghanistan

Amid improved security, more United Nations international relief staff are returning to Afghanistan to join their local counterparts in assisting millions of people in the war-ravaged and drought-stricken country, UN officials said today.

Quick action pledged by UN official tapped to lead recovery effort in Afghanistan

The top United Nations development official, who has been just named by Secretary-General Kofi Annan to lead the early recovery effort in Afghanistan, pledged today to take quick action in responding to the challenges facing the country.

UN agency 'winning the struggle' to deliver food to Afghanistan

The United Nations food agency today said that despite numerous obstacles, it had succeeded in reaching a monthly food aid target of 52,000 metric tonnes - enough supplies to feed the 6 million hungry people of Afghanistan devastated by war and drought.

UN humanitarian official 'cautiously optimistic' about relief effort in Afghanistan

A senior United Nations humanitarian official today expressed cautious optimism about the Organization's ability to distribute relief supplies in Afghanistan, where rapidly evolving conditions seem to favour the aid effort while insecurity remains a pressing concern.

Improved security permits some UN aid workers to return to Afghanistan

Security conditions in Afghanistan have improved enough for the United Nations to begin sending aid workers back into the country to bolster the ongoing relief effort, UN officials in Islamabad said today.