Relief effort in Afghanistan faces increasing obstacles, UN officials say

With Afghanistan's severe winter approaching fast, relief agencies are facing increasing obstacles as they race against time to bring aid to millions of destitute and suffering people in the country, UN officials said today.

UN agencies seek urgent funding for Afghanistan relief efforts

With severe winter temperatures just a month away in Afghanistan, United Nations agencies working in the country and surrounding region urged donor governments today to respond more rapidly to emergency appeals for funding.

Afghanistan: UN officials urge protection for civilians and aid workers

With military action continuing in Afghanistan, United Nations officials today urged protection for civilians as well as aid workers trying to provide relief to the country's destitute and suffering people.

Afghanistan: UN official pledges stepped-up relief drive when conditions permit

The United Nations will intensify its humanitarian relief work in Afghanistan as soon as conditions allow, a senior UN official said today.

UN offices in Pakistan attacked following air strikes against Afghanistan

Following the air strikes against Afghanistan, United Nations offices in Pakistan have been attacked by angry demonstrators but no personnel were injured, UN officials said today.