UN relief agencies again stress need for security in Iraq

United Nations relief agencies today again stressed the vital need to re-establish security throughout Iraq to enable them to carry out humanitarian functions ranging from providing health care to supplying food.

First UN agency head since war due to visit Iraq

United Nations relief agencies reclaimed additional looted offices in Baghdad today and prepared for the first visit to Iraq by a UN agency head since the outbreak of hostilities in March.

UN welcomes $1 million from Kuwait to help feed Iraq

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a $1 million donation by Kuwait to its emergency operations in Iraq, the first by a Persian Gulf country.

UN coordinates Iraq relief operations with European Union

Continuing his efforts to coordinate relief activities, the top United Nations humanitarian official in Iraq met today with a senior representative of the European Union (EU).

UN steps up coordination with private agencies in Iraq on relief work

The United Nations stepped up its relief work in Iraq today, meeting in Baghdad with 30 non-government organizations (NGOs) to coordinate humanitarian operations between them and with the United States-run Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Affairs (ORHA) as well as with the relevant Iraqi ministries.

UN expands international relief presence in Baghdad

United Nations relief agencies continued to expand their international operations in Iraq today, five days after returning from a war-imposed absence of six weeks, regaining the use of some offices, confronting the destruction of others, and ready to collaborate with American authorities to prevent duplication of humanitarian efforts.

Thousands of Iraqi children will die unless they are made top priority – UNICEF

Thousands of Iraqi youngsters will die and hundreds of thousands more will be injured, fall prey to disease, suffer abuse and exploitation or fall behind in school, unless all involved in shaping the post-war future make the battle to protect children the number one priority, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned today.

Senior UN relief officials return to Iraq after six-week absence

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq led a team of senior UN officials across the border from Jordan into Iraq today to re-establish a permanent presence of international personnel in Baghdad for relief operations for the first time since being withdrawn on the eve of hostilities in March.

Amid new aid to Iraq UN reports new pillaging of already looted facilities

United Nations aid agencies opened a new health corridor into Iraq today, prepared to receive fresh food supplies and reported a further resumption of international work within the country, but they warned of a continuing lack of security that included looting of facilities that had been restocked and repaired after previous pillaging.

UN opens new food corridor into Iraq but dirty water threatens 'potential calamity'

United Nations relief agencies today reported the opening of a fifth food corridor into Iraq, the imminent return of more international staff and the dispatch of emergency medical supplies, but warned that rapidly dwindling chlorine supplies in the south could leave water untreated within weeks, with "potentially calamitous" results.