News in Brief 5 January 2017 (AM)

Climate change threatening coral reefs

One of the planet’s most important ecosystems, coral reefs, is under threat from climate change.

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“Nexus" between terrorism and organized crime, key priority

The number one priority for the UN’s Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the year ahead is fighting the “nexus between terrorism and transnational organized crime.”

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UN Gender Focus: women in Colombia, students in Iraq and gender parity

Women’s representation in Colombia’s judicial system remains low

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Volunteering is "contagious"

“Volunteering” is contagious in a positive way according to a representative from a Kenya based organisation, who attended a UN-supported conference on volunteering, recently held in Mexico.

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Former child soldiers are victims not “security threats”

Former child soldiers should be treated as victims and not security threats in the year ahead, the UN special envoy for children and armed conflict has urged.

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News in Brief 3 January 2017 (PM)

Displacement rises as Mosul fighting intensifies

More than 13,000 people have fled the Iraqi city of Mosul since Friday, the UN has reported, as military operations to retake the city from extremists have intensified.

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UN Daily News Programme 3 January 2017

Listen to a bulletin of news and features from United Nations, with Matthew Wells and Dianne Penn.

In today’s programme:  The new UN chief outlines a challenge to staff to change, reform and improve…

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UN chief outlines mission “to change and to reform and to improve”

The UN faces “very challenging times” and needs to embark on a new mission “to change and to reform and to improve.”

That’s the message delivered to staff by new UN chief, António Guterres, on his first day at UN Headquarters in New York.

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“Game-changers” in 2017 will allow for positive year says UN President

“Positive” developments can be expected across the world in 2017 despite the ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises that typified 2016; that’s according to the President of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thomson.

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News in Brief 03 January 2017 (AM)

Somalia mission chief welcomes moves towards peace in Gaalkacyo

A renewed commitment by two regional leaders in Somalia to achieve peace in the city of Gaalkacyo has been welcomed by the senior UN official in the country.

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