News in Brief 06 April 2017 (PM)

People continue to flee fighting in west Mosul: UN

Humanitarian workers continue to respond to rising casualties and displacement in west Mosul because of ongoing fighting between government forces and ISIL terrorists in the area, the UN Spokesperson has confirmed.

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News in Brief 06 April 2017 (AM)

Sport a force for physical well-being and social empowerment: Bokova

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UN Gender Focus: reproductive health, indigenous people and women in peacekeeping

Gender equality is “central to development”: UNFPA

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Refugees “often the first victims” of terrorism: UNHCR

When considering how terrorists sometimes abuse the asylum system, it must be remembered that refugees are “often” their first victims.

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News in Brief 05 April 2017 (PM)

“War crimes are going on in Syria” UN chief warns

War crimes are going on in Syria, and international humanitarian law continues to be violated frequently, the UN Secretary-General has warned.

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Somalia piracy still a concern, UN crime-fighting body warns

Recent attacks on commercial vessels off Somalia indicate that the issue of piracy has never gone away despite a five-year lull in activity.

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News in Brief 05 April 2017 (AM)

UN Mission in Iraq condemns suicide bombings in Tikrit

The UN Special Envoy for Iraq, Ján Kubiš, has strongly condemned the multiple suicide attacks that took place in Tikrit, a city north of the capital Baghdad.

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Climate deal has world on pathway to a clean energy future

Countries worldwide are on an “unceasing march” towards a clean energy future, according to a senior official with the UN Foundation.

Peter Ogden is Vice President for Energy, Climate and the Environment at the Foundation, which works to broaden support for the UN.

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News in Brief 04 April 2017 (PM)

UN chief “deeply disturbed” by reports of chemical weapons use in Syria

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More action needed to provide 1.1 billion with clean energy

The world will have to act quickly if it is to meet the goal of supplying clean energy to more than one billion people globally who lack access to electricity.

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